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Hey Buddy is the leading Augmented Reality or AR development company in India and the US. Our dedicated team of AR experts consistently delivers innovative and creative projects within specified timelines.

    AR application Development

    AR Design and Prototypes

    AR Games

    AR Marketing and Advertising

If it's AR, It's Hey Buddy: Our Comprehensive Augmented Reality Development Services

No need to lose your valuable time and resources on finding different service providers for your every need. Hey Buddy has got it all covered. We offer a complete suite of AR services. From AR app development to AR IoT integration to even cross-platform AR development, you name it, we deliver it.


AR App Development

Achieve high engagement with immersive Augmented Reality applications. We create AR apps with seamless user experience and cross-platform compatibility for wider reach.


AR Software Development

Get an optimized and efficient solution that perfectly plugs the gap. We create customized AR development solutions for your very specific business needs.


AR Consulting

Gain data-driven insights and strategic guidance for AR business integration. Make informed decisions with our AR consulting services and achieve major business objectives.


AR Design and Prototyping

We design AR interfaces and create interactive prototypes to help you refine and make is as per your expectations and requirements. All this, even before the development begins.


Marker-Based and Markerless AR

Whether marker-based or markerless AR solutions, you choose, we deliver. Get versatile AR experiences that function perfectly in every environment and condition.


AR Content Development

Enhance your user engagement with interactive AR content. We offer 3D modeling, animations, and overlays to make your AR experience compelling and memorable.


AR for Marketing and Advertising

Be a brand to remember. Standout with our interactive AR solutions for marketing, advertising, and brand promotions. Boost your brand visibility and brand recall.


AR for Training and Education

Enhance learning outcomes with hands-on experiences. Our AR software solutions for training and education make complex concepts simple with experiential learning.


AR Integration with IoT

We make your AR experience seamlessly integrate with the real-world environment. Our AR-IoT integration services enhance connectivity and the overall user experience.


AR for Games

Add a layer of immersion and make your gamers enter the fantasy world. We design and develop augmented reality games for more enjoyable Games than ever.


Cross-Platform AR Development

Cater to a wider audience with our cross-platform AR application. We ensure seamless compatibility across devices and prominent platforms including iOS, Android, and others.


AR Maintenance and Support

Ensure the relevance and improvement of your AR applications. With Hey Buddy, get ceaseless support, maintenance, and updates for an evolving AR application.

Immerse Your Audience in Great Visuals with Our AR Software Solutions

At Hey Buddy, we pride ourselves on exceeding client expectations. With our comprehensive suite of Augmented Reality (AR) development services, we easily meet your project requirements. Here are the benefits and features of our AR development services, reflecting our commitment to excellence.

    Expertise in AR Technology

    Proven Track Record

    Innovation and Creativity

    Tailored Solution

Expertise in Cutting-Edge AR Technologies

Benefit from our seasoned team of AR experts. Their expertise in the latest AR technologies brings your desired high-quality results.

Proven Track Record with Diverse AR Projects

We have delivered AR projects of varying scales for a variety of clients. This included projects for budding startups to Fortune listers.

Innovation and Creativity at the Core

With Hey Buddy, expect nothing less than innovation and creativity for your AR project. Our team goes up and beyond to infuse uniqueness into your project.

Our Proven AR Development Process at Hey Buddy

At Hey Buddy, we improved our AR development process with every project. Now, it has evolved into a meticulous, client-centric AR development process designed to realize your vision. We offer transparency, collaboration, and the timely delivery of your AR projects. Here's an overview of our step-by-step process:

  • Discovery and Consultation:

    We begin by attaining a complete understanding of your business objectives and vision for the AR project. Here, our team collaborates closely with yours.

  • Ideation and Conceptualization:

    Then, we brainstorm ideas to align the development with your brand and objectives. This phase ensures that our proposed solutions resonate with your vision.

  • Technical Feasibility Assessment:

    On the final idea, our technical experts conduct a thorough feasibility assessment. They evaluate the compatibility of proposed AR functionalities with your existing systems.

  • Development and Coding

    Once the idea passes feasibility assessment, our seasoned developers leverage AR technologies such as ARKit and ARCore to bring your vision to life.

  • Iterative Prototyping

    We provide you with iterative prototypes to solicit your invaluable feedback. This helps us refine the AR application and ensure it meets and exceeds your expectations.

  • Comprehensive Testing

    With rigorous testing, we achieve the desired functionality with security and performance. This also ensures that your AR application is a seamless and robust final product.

  • Client Approval and Deployment

    Once the prototype meets your satisfaction, we seek your approval before deploying. Our streamlined process ensures your AR solution is launched within specified timelines.

  • Analytics and Performance Monitoring

    We integrate analytics tools to monitor the performance of your AR application. Insights gained lead to data-driven decisions that make an industry-wide impact.

  • Post-launch support and Optimization

    Our support doesn't end with deployment. Hey Buddy offers post-launch support, updates, and optimization services for your unhindered success.

  • Client Collaboration and Feedback Loop

    And our collaboration doesn’t end with project completion. We value your feedback and maintain an open line of communication, fostering long-term partnerships.

Hey B

Success Stories with Hey Buddy AR Software Solutions

Hey Buddy maintains leadership amongst AR development companies. All credit to its team of high-skilled AR professionals, streamlined development process, and client-centric approach. We have delivered various disruptive AR development solutions that helped our clients reach new success levels.

Immersive Retail Experience with AR Tryon for Fashion Enthusiasts

Our client, a fashion retailers, aimed to enhance the shopping experience of their online shoppers. They knew the power of immersive AR experience. Hence, they wanted to offer their customers AR-based virtual try-on experiences for their clothing collection. So before making a purchase, users get a better idea of the product and make faster purchases. AR tryons are also known to reduce returns by up to 40% and increase customer satisfaction. Hey Buddy designed a custom AR application for the fashion retailer. The application allowed users to visualize how different clothing would look on them in real-time. The AR fitting room enhanced user engagement and increased conversion rates by 20%.

Interactive Educational Tools for Faster and Better Learning

Our client, an educational learning solution provider wanted to revolutionize its educational materials by incorporating augmented reality. They wanted to improve the learning experience and achieve better outcomes. Along with that, they sought interactive and engaging tools to make complex subjects more accessible to students. Hey Buddy developed AR-based educational modules that brought textbooks to life. And the results were astonishing. With interactive learning, students could explore 3D models of complex concepts. This led to a 25% increase in engagement and a better understanding of the same. As well, students could conduct virtual experiments, and explore the concepts from different perspectives for a complete understanding

AR-Enabled Gamified Marketing Campaign for Cosmetics Products

Nothing can beat gamified software solutions when it comes to marketing. One of our clients wanted to use this potential of AR experiences and run a memorable marketing campaign to promote their latest cosmetic product launch. They collaborated with multiple AR development companies but could not get the desired outcome. Hey Buddy devised an amazing gamified AR-driven marketing campaign. Users can scan product images in print advertisements and instantly access interactive games where they can apply and try different cosmetic products, try different looks, including some inspired by popular fantasies. As expected, the campaign generated huge buzz with a phenomenal 40% increase in traffic and unmatched positive social media engagement.

Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say about our AR Development Services

Hey Buddy transformed our vision into a reality! Their Augmented Reality services exceeded our expectations. Their innovative solutions went a long way to set our project apart in the market. We highly recommend Hey Buddy for their commitment to deliver.

John D.

Working with Hey Buddy was real smooth! We needed AR functionalities that seamlessly integrate into our ongoing business endeavor, and they delivered flawlessly. They ensured a smooth transition with improved overall functionality. Hey Buddy are really the experts we needed and now, they are our go-to AR development company.

Jane S

The thing we really liked about Hey Buddy is that they truly understood our business requirements, which was unique in itself. Their AR development services provided the tailored solutions we wanted so that they perfectly aligned with our goals. We are really glad with the results. After all, their collaborative approach and attention to detail really work and them a reliable partner for customized AR solutions.

Michael K.

Our users are thrilled with the amazing immersive experience offered by our AR application and so are we. All thanks to Hey Buddy. The user-centric design approach ensured an intuitive and engaging experience that really resonated with the audience. They successfully met our project requirements and exceeded our expectations with their efficient project handling. Exceptional work and highly recommended!

Sarah T.

Hey Buddy's commitment to deadlines is commendable! They delivered our AR project on time and offered unwavering post-launch support. Basically, they were there whenever we needed them. And still, their team continues to address our needs promptly, showcasing their dedication to client success. Hey, Buddy is a reliable partner for timely and ongoing AR development support.

Elise W.

If anyone has a futuristic idea in mind and not finding the way to turn the idea into reality, I would recommend to reach out to Hey buddy, they are the best technology partner.



AR development services create AR experiences that offer immersion. To explain, these experiences overlay digital 3D information or objects onto the real world. All you need is a smartphone.
We offer a wide range of AR development services for various industries. This includes concept ideation, design, software development, integration, testing, and deployment. Our Augmented reality applications offer a stable and enriched AR experience across various platforms.
HeyBuddy is one of the few AR development companies that provide end-to-end Augmented Reality services. Starting from initial consultation and concept creation to design, development, testing, deployment, and ongoing support for AR applications.
Costs can vary based on project complexity, features, platforms, and the scope of work. We offer tailored pricing after understanding your project requirements during the initial consultation phase.