Virtual Reality Tours Save Time and Impress Buyers

VR Tours Application for Real Estate Business


About Project

Getting people their dream homes is the vision of our client. Our client belongs to the real estate domain. They deal in selling, buying, and renting properties out. They were looking to have a real estate app enhanced with virtual reality technology. Their focus is to take their services to the next level by making it possible to take a tour of the place from anywhere virtually, saving clients time and effort. Hey Buddy ensured a stable, hyper-realistic and interactive VR experience.

Virtual Reality Tours Save Time and Impress Buyers VR Tours Application for Real Estate Business

Our client in real estate aims to realize dream homes through an enhanced app with VR tech, enabling remote tours. Hey Buddy upgraded the app for stability, hyper-realism, and interactivity, revolutionizing property exploration.

This innovation saves clients time and effort by offering immersive virtual tours from anywhere.


Paced-up Real Estate business with a pinch of Virtual Reality


Project Requirements

Our client was losing too much time and effort in taking people to the places to show them the properties. It prevented them from focusing on the main core of the business i.e., verifying and listing new properties in their gigantic platform. Moreover, it was affecting badly on their productivity and profit.


Project Execution

They shortlisted us to help them get rid of these problems or issues because of the work that we performed for other businesses. Our in-depth expertise with emerging technologies is worth seeking.


Project Delivery

We offered them an app that helped them offer virtual tours to their prospects in a few easy steps. The app was also made fully user-friendly not only for the client but also for their prospect. While property buyers could easily access the experience, our client could easily create new properties to showcase to their customers.


Real Estate App laden with the shadow of Future Tech VR

Hey Buddy devised a real estate app for them that allows users to check out a property from the comfort of their homes. The usage of VR makes the entire process seamless enough to settle everything.

    • Making people have a virtual tour saves a lot of money and time that can be invested in some other aspects leading to increased productivity.
    • The process of buying and selling properties becomes easy through smooth functioning with this virtual reality-enhanced app.
    • Sales roar up to the next level as getting home, office, workplace, etc becomes hassle-free.


customer retention rate


increase in product sales in just 2 months.


reduction in website bounce rate.


increase in new customer base.

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How Did We Do it?

  • Requirement Gathering

    First, our manager did a meeting with the client to get a brief of what they want and what are their expectations.

  • Ideation

    Based on their requirements, we start to plan how we move ahead with the project so that we can deliver what they want.

  • Designing

    Designing is the next step that we took. We infuse all the things revolving around Virtual reality in the app to give users an enthralling experience.

  • Development

    Our dedicated developers are next in this chain, they are familiar with the fact that how functionality plays a key role in this vision of the client.

  • Deployment

    Once everything gets done, we perform a series of tests to ensure that no error or flaw persists in the app. Then, we deploy it in the live running.

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Project Challenges


Inch-perfect Property Development

One major problem that we faced was that it demanded significant care and expertise to ensure the property looked exactly like its real-world counterpart. Plus ensuring that when our clients would develop new experiences, they should also meet the same criteria.


Inclusive App Catering to Non-VR Users

Targeting an audience that is equipped with VR is quite a task as most people are unaware of the usage of VR headsets or don’t know much about the technology yet.


Cross-platform Integration

Ensuring seamless integration with various VR platforms and devices adds another layer of complexity posing compatibility testing and optimization for several hardware segments.

Client Testimonal

Now, I can be able to sell, buy, or rent out property because of the better user experience. And it all happened because of Hey Buddy. They understand my concern and leave no stone unturned to eradicate it.

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