Smart and Adaptive Gaming with Unreal’s Magic


About Project

The client was a renowned game development company seeking a technology partner for their next AI-powered gaming venture. The game was a one-on-one intense duel where anyone worldwide could participate. The aim was to achieve the highest visual appeal for gamers with sophisticated game mechanics. They found the right partner in the form of Hey Buddy and we helped them achieve the best possible gameplay with top-class AI integration, making the game dynamic and adaptable for never-ending fun.

AI-Infused Smart and Adaptive Gaming with Unreal’s Magic

Hey Buddy partnered with a leading game development company for an AI-powered one-on-one duel game. The goal was to create visually stunning gameplay with advanced mechanics. Hey Buddy delivered top-notch AI integration for dynamic and endlessly entertaining gameplay.

The collaboration resulted in a game that captivated gamers worldwide with its appeal and innovation.


Captivating 3D Visuals with Never-Ending Excitement


Project Requirements

The game demanded high-quality visuals and peculiar character designs with larger-than-normal hands. In terms of gameplay, it should be intelligent enough to adapt and evolve with the gamers, keeping the excitement high. A total of 32 characters and 48 environments.


Project Execution

As per their requirement, we used Unreal Engine 5 to achieve high-quality immersive visuals that caught gamers’ attention right away. We integrated Unity ML-Agents for AI including behavior trees, reinforcement learning, dynamic difficulty adjustment, PCG, and real-time player behavior analysis.


Project Delivery

As a result, the game was able to impress the players right from the start. It offered an amazing visual experience right from the first screen and when it came to gameplay, the NPCs and the environment were able to learn players players styles and change their tactics and challenges as per the same.


Great Reception with Ever-expanding Gaming Community

Our efforts and skills paid back. The game got a great reception and players were especially amazed by the innovative use of intelligent AI gameplay.

    • User Retention Rate: Week 1 Retention: 65% | Week 4 Retention: 40%
    • Daily Active Users (DAU) 450,000 | Monthly Active Users (MAU): 2.5 million
    • Average Playtime per Session: 25 minutes


Million Downloads


Retention Rate




positive review

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How Did We Do it?

Behind the successful delivery of this gaming project was our talented AI gaming team and a well-planned game development process.

  • Requirement Gathering

    We started by deeply understanding the specific client requirements esp their expectation with AI.

  • Ideation

    Second, comes our brainstorming sessions to assess the viability, define and refine the process, and establish collaboration.

  • Designing

    Use of Blender, Maya, Zbrush, and Substance Painter for game designing.

  • Development

    We Used Unreal Engine Autodesk Maya, and Blender for high-quality and Unity ML-Agents for AI.

  • Deployment

    Rigorous testing along with real players’ feedback to identify issues and then plan a successful rollout.

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Project Challenges


Balancing Visual Appeal and AI Complexity

The biggest challenge our client faced was to strike a balance between achieving visually appealing 3D graphics and implementing sophisticated AI mechanics. With our technical skills to deliver on both fronts without compromising one for the other, we helped them achieve the same.


Managing Large Character and Environment Requirements

Developing 32 characters and 48 environments requires meticulous planning and execution. The client faced challenges in managing the design, development, and integration of such a large number of diverse characters and environments within the game.


Ensuring Intelligent Adaptability with AI

Implementing AI that is intelligent enough to adapt and evolve with gamers' playing styles is a complex task. It was a challenge to ensure that the AI-driven gameplay was truly dynamic, challenging, and responsive to individual player behaviors.

Client Testimonal

Hey Buddy was the right technology partner to bring our vision of an AI-powered, visually stunning gaming experience to life. Their dedication was evident Right from the start. They were not only able to integrate Unreal Engine 5 and Unity ML agents for spectacular and intelligent AI gameplay, but they could do it for a large number of characters and environments. This was truly unbelievable

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