Developing CGI Graphics for D2C Based

Online Retail Company


About Project

Our client, one of the leading online furniture-selling D2C brands deals in offering a wide range of residential & commercial furnishings digitally. They were facing difficulty in gathering the attention of target customers. For higher attraction, the client was looking for an experienced and creatively infused team of CGI experts to create real-life-like graphical visuals for the brand. The ultimate aim of the client was to create CGI elements related to their wide range of product lines and witness the level of interaction. After having a brief round of discussions, an online furniture brand choose us as their reliable CGI service partner, we started working on their brand and understanding the requirements to bring visual elegance to the brand. Initial Journey Started with Pain Area Identification, Coordination, and Creation of Innovative CGI Visual Elements

Developing CGI Graphics for D2C Based Online Retail Company

A leading online furniture D2C brand sought CGI experts to enhance customer engagement. They selected us as their CGI service partner to create lifelike visuals for their product lines. Our initial focus included identifying pain areas, coordinating efforts, and innovatively crafting CGI elements.

The journey began with a strategic approach towards visual elegance and enhanced brand interaction.


Bringing Captivating Experience for Online Shoppers


Project Requirements

First and foremost, our team of specialized CGI experts browse through the clients ' online furniture platforms. The team understood the client's objective to add visually appealing creativeness to the website which resulted in gathering more attention that led to increased sales patterns. This project required the tasks of converting still and dull-looking furnishings images into interactive and user-friendly CGI-driven backgrounds, exotic color schemes, and adding 3D elements.


Project Execution

Our CGI development company understands the requirement and has started working on creating lifestyle imagery for furniture items. The team even worked on the product configurators part that allows customers to look for each furniture item from different angles in a single view. Moreover, we even add perfect-looking internal and external background imagery with the presence of the offered product.


Project Delivery

Throughout the project, we relied on advanced CGI tools and techniques for remodeling product images and adding more visual appeal. Using CGI techniques, we created vibrant, detailed, clearly highlighted, and 3D images that appear real to the eyes of customers. Most importantly, we performed CGI-related work on the client's online furniture website directly for customers within the stipulated time frame.


Interactive Product Visualisation for Higher Sales

The client collaborated with us with unique requirements to bring CGI effect on the product images and overall showcase of items. Their website traffic increased by around one-third which positively affected other KPIs across the board.

    • As users could make better and faster decisions, the sale got a quick boost in a shorter period.
    • Cart abandonment went significantly down, thus, we helped them tackle one of their dreaded pain points.
    • They are on the way to their market expansion efforts.


increase in web traffic after adding CGI-based imagery.


increase in product sales in just 2 months.


reduction in website bounce rate.


increase in new customer base.

Do away with adamant cart abandonment
help customers make faster decisions, favouring your brand.

How Did We Do it?

We followed a meticulous process refined over the years to achieve the exact goals our client wanted.

  • Requirement Gathering

    We first understand the requirement of the client for the D2C-based retail platform.

  • Ideation

    We did several brainstorming, meetings, assessments, analysis, and other activities before getting started.

  • Designing

    In this stage, we start crafting eye-appealing CGI imagery of furniture, accessories, and backgrounds.

  • Deployment

    After creating high-quality computer-generated imagery for all the products, we successfully deployed the project.

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Project Challenges


CGI effects on thousands of products

It was challenging to transform all the still-looking furnishings images into CGI effected visuals. First, it looked like taking a whole lot of time to enhance the visual appeal of the website.


Maintaining an optimum level of quality

It was important to keep the quality of visuals on a high scale to meet business objectives. The client wanted the image element should connect with each customer's furnishing requirement.


Keeping the direct-to-customer business approach in mind

Another major challenge of the project is keeping the D2C business approach in mind. We had to work with the mindset that customers dropping on the client's website must stay and finalize a product.

Client Testimonal

It felt great to see such amazing results on our online furniture website. They did an amazing job in terms of remodeling how our product looks and bringing more attention to customers. We are experiencing a great deal of response from our customers and even sales have increased

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