Revamped eCommerce Business

Increase Saled Reduced Returns


About Project

Our client is a renowned apparel brand with a massive online and in-store presence wanted to improve the shopping experience of their customers. Their aim was to overcome the drawbacks of the traditional shopping experiences such as high return rates. Also, they wanted to make it innovative by utilising latest technologies such as AR, VR and AI to stand out and beat competition. We developed an AR virtual try-on solution for apparel items, basically, an AR platform for customers to virtually try on clothing before purchasing.

Revamped eCommerce Business Increase Saled Reduced Returns

We developed an AR virtual try-on solution for a renowned apparel brand, enhancing the shopping experience and reducing return rates. This innovative platform integrates AR, VR, and AI technologies, allowing customers to try on clothing virtually before buying.

It aims to overcome traditional shopping drawbacks and stand out in a competitive market with its cutting-edge features.


Elevating the Shopping Journey


Project Requirements

The project aimed to build a platform to for customers to visualize how clothes would actually look and fit on them, reducing dissatisfaction and high return rates. This involved work on multiple fronts such as utilisation of computer vision and 3D modeling to capture customer body measurements and create accurate 3D avatars.


Project Execution

We used ARKit to build the try-on experience on mobile devices. The project also required convertisng the client's apparel inventory into high-quality 3D models for real-time rendering. We used a scalable cloud infrastructure to handle computationally intensive 3D rendering and AR processing.


Project Delivery

For customers, our comprehensive AR virtual try-on solution allowed customers to visualise themselves wearing different apparel items accurately. It allowed them to make faster and better decisions whilie minimising the feeling dissatisfaction. For out client, it not only reduced the returns as was intended but boosted sales and their brand image.


Transforming Shopping with Augmented Reality

The hardworkd of our team that developed a state-of-the-art AR platform paid off. The platform seamlessly integrated with the client's e-commerce website and mobile app and helped us achieve multiple milestones.

    • We utilised computer vision and 3D modelling for customers to virtually dress in various clothing items with a simple use of their smartphone cameras.
    • The experience also let customers mix and match different apparel pieces and view them from multiple angles for accurate visualization of size,look and fit.
    • The product returns dropped significantly by 32%, while the online conversions got a boost by 26% within the first three months.


reduction in product returns


increase in online conversions


improvement in online customer satisfaction and 2.5x higher conversion rate for customers


increase in average order value

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How Did We Do it?

  • Requirement Gathering

    We conducted extensive research and interviewed customers to understand pain points and expectations.

  • Ideation

    Our collaborated with the client's team led to better conceptualization of the AR try-on and define key features.

  • Designing

    We createddetailed UI/UX designs, 3D models, and AR overlays for various apparel items.

  • Development

    Use of computer vision, 3D modelling and immersive technologies to develop the AR platform.

  • Deployment

    Integration of the AR solution with the client's e-commerce platforms and launching it across online channels.

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Project Challenges


Precise Visualization for Diverse Body Types and Apparel

One of the key challenges was to ensure accurate size and fit visualization for a wide range of body types and clothing styles. It was not easy to develop computer vision algorithms and 3D modeling techniques to accurately capture and render different body shapes, sizes, and apparel draping.


Cross-Device Optimization for Seamless Performance

In fusing cross-platform compatibility into the AR experience for seamless performance was another critical challenge. Our team optimized the computer vision, 3D rendering, and AR processing pipelines to ensure smooth and responsive performance, regardless of the device overall configuration.


Seamless Integration with Existing E-Commerce Infrastructure

We also overcame the challenge of integrating the AR platform with the client's existing e-commerce infrastructure and databases. Our team ensure that the AR try-on experience perfectly fit with the other pieces of the puzzle i.e. brand's product catalog, inventory management, and order processing systems, with real-time synchronization and a unified shopping experience.

Client Testimonal

We are really thankful to Hey Buddy for their commendable efforts. The AR virtual try-on solution delivered by them contributed significantly to our organisational goals and boosted our business. Our customers are loving the immersive experience and we have notices a significant reduction in returns with increase in online sales. We thank Hey Buddy for their unique style of cooperation and collaboration style and highly recommend them.

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