Successful Implementation of AR Technology in

D2C-Based Online Furniture Store


About Project

The client deals in offering a wide extension of furniture for commercial and residential areas. After transforming the physical selling of furniture to an omnichannel commerce solution, the brand expected to boost sales. However, the client is experiencing a not-so-good number in digital sales patterns. After doing a thorough analysis, it was found to be a less appealing showcase of furnishings of the products. Thus, the solution lies in implementing new-age Augmented Reality (AR) technology into the website to best showcase products to customers and allow them to try items in the virtual settings to make fast buying decisions. Concerning the same, the client reached us to collaborate on the technical grounds of AR implementation and offer other sets of customized solutions. After having initial project discussions, we started working on the AR project for their D2C brand and met all the possible challenges with result-oriented solutions.

Successful Implementation of AR Technology in D2C-Based Online Furniture Store

A furniture retailer sought to enhance digital sales by integrating AR technology into their website. They approached us for technical collaboration and customized solutions. After initial discussions, we tackled challenges and successfully implemented AR for their D2C brand.

This transformation aims to provide immersive product showcases and enable faster purchasing decisions for customers.


AR Campaign by D2C Furniture Brand - Problem Identification, Coordination, and Feature-rich Implementation


Project Requirements

At the initial level, the project requirement was to add the virtues of AR technology into the existing online furniture commerce brand that deals in offering products directly to customers. The client wanted to implement AR for advertising, product showcase, and for marketing purposes. It was required to provide customers with a hassle-free shopping experience like the way competitors are doing these days. Keeping all such requirements in mind, our expert team of eCommerce professionals and AR skilled resources analyze the current functionalities, different product categories, target audience, and other insights of the brand.


Project Execution

Our eCommerce team with a key specialization in AR technology started working on the project. The team implemented the features of AR in the D2C brand both in forms of WebAR and AppAR allowing the users to access this feature both on the website and the app. Specialized non-marker-based AR technology is implemented by our experts. Thus, allowing users to place the product in a 3D virtual environment in their real-life office or home setting to see how products looks. Also, the technology for the D2C brand features furniture arrangement features for the benefit of customers to see the right placement of furnishings.


Project Delivery

On this AR in D2C project for an online furniture brand, we used cutting-edge technology along with years of expertise from our team and close coordination with the client. Undoubtedly, we delivered the project well on time and received satisfactory feedback from the client.


Transforming the Product Selling Appeal of Digital Furniture Store

We transformed the current eCommerce store of a furniture-selling brand into more immersive, visually interactive, and user-friendly for customers. With the successful implementation of AR in the D2C furniture brand, customers can now access their smartphone or laptop's camera to virtually set up selected furniture in their home or office setting.

    • Seamless showcase of products from a 360-degree angle to have a better view and look into keen details before selecting.
    • Virtually try small to large-size furnishings in the real-world setting to see how it look.
    • Fully adaptable to browsers and smartphones to ensure easy accessibility.


monthly increase in product sales


better customer interaction rate.


reduction in bounce rate.


conversion rate

Leverage the Power of
AR in D2C Brands to Boost Product Sales & Revenue

How Did We Do it?

We followed a strategic & step-by-step process to achieve the expected set of results for the client.

  • Requirement Gathering

    We first understand the requirement of the client for the D2C-based to implement the perks of AR technology

  • Ideation

    Our team had several brainstorming sessions along with regular client meetings, end-to-end analysis along successful implementation of activities before getting started.

  • Designing

    In this stage, we crafted a specialized design pattern for the platform that showcases the AR button allowing customers to enable and see potential results.

  • Deployment

    After implementing AR into the project, we deploy the same and allow the clients to see remarkable results ahead.

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Project Challenges


Keeping the Brand Value Intact

As we have already mentioned, the clients transformed the physical furniture-selling business to an omnichannel platform to extend the customer base and increase sales patterns. Therefore, we wanted to make sure to keep that brand appeal intact while maintaining the trust level among the existing customer base and adding new ones to have a seamless product shopping experience. The initial challenge was to create a custom software with the required features and appearance to match the luxury's brand style and elegance. In practice, it required an experienced development approach to work similarly to a leading brand and display the brand's appeal on each page.


Project Delivery in a Short Span of Time

We came across another challenge of delivering the project in a short span of three months only. Initially, it was difficult to meet the timeline, but we managed to do the same with the additional resources acquired in our team, extending the project working hours, taking regular feedback from the client, and making substantial changes.

Client Testimonal

We are thankful for your valuable service along with the sheer efforts dedicated by our D2C-based online furniture brand. Truly impressed by your customized solutions along with result-oriented suggestions that certainly made a difference in our business

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