Dining with Servi: AI-Powered Restaurant Experiences

Revolutionizing Restaurant Bookings


About Project

A leading food-tech company aiming to transform the dining experience for customers across the United States. They connected with the Hey Buddy team to develop an innovative AI-powered voice assistant, Servi. The app aimed to streamline restaurant bookings and elevate the overall dining experience. We developed an AI-driven voice assistant capable of handling end-to-end dining experiences from restaurant searches and seat bookings to dish recommendations, and personalized dining experiences. The app utilises advanced algorithms and integrations for seamless and delightful dining.

Dining with Servi: AI-Powered Restaurant Experiences Revolutionizing Restaurant Bookings

Hey Buddy meticulously trained and deployed voice-activated AI-assistant for improved dining experience. This case study showcases our prowess to deliver state of the art AI solutions to solve even the most complex issues.


Ingredients of AI: Reimagine Restaurant Bookings


Project Requirements

Developing an AI voice assistant for restaurant bookings required robust natural language processing, machine learning for personalized recommendations, and real-time data integration with booking systems.


Project Execution

Our team built custom NLP models for voice command interpretation, trained ML algorithms on customer preferences and dining data for personalized recommendations, and implemented scalable data pipelines to integrate with restaurant systems.


Project Delivery

The result was Servi - an AI voice assistant that understood natural language, provided personalized restaurant/dish recommendations based on individual needs, coordinated seamless bookings, and continuously learned and adapted through user interactions.


Delighting Diners with AI-Powered Convenience

Servi is an AI-driven voice assistant that revolutionizes the dining experience by providing personalized restaurant recommendations, hassle-free bookings, real-time coordination with establishments, and tailored dining experiences.

    • Voice-activated restaurant search and booking so that customers easily find and reserve tables at their preferred eateries.
    • AI-powered dish recommendations based on individual taste preferences and dietary restrictions, ensuring a delightful culinary experience.
    • Real-time coordination between customers and restaurants, including dynamic seating charts, geo-fenced appetizer readiness, and two-way communication with the kitchen.


increase in customer satisfaction scores


boost in restaurant bookings through the app


reduction in no-show rates


higher average order value for personalized dining experiences

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How Did We Do it?

  • Requirement Gathering

    We conducted thorough research to grasp customer pain points and operational challenges faced by restaurants.

  • Ideation

    We collaborated closely with the client to conceptualize the features, integrations, and user experience of the AI assistant.

  • Designing

    Crafted intricate user interfaces, voice interactions, and AI algorithms tailored for personalized recommendations and restaurant management

  • Development

    Our team utilized advanced technologies such as NLP, machine learning, and real-time data integrations to construct the AI-powered voice assistant.

  • Deployment

    Integrated Servi seamlessly with restaurant booking systems, ensuring a fluid and cohesive experience across all platforms.

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Project Challenges


Mastering NLP for Seamless Voice Commands

Developing a robust natural language processing engine to accurately interpret voice commands and provide relevant restaurant and dish recommendations. Our team leveraged state-of-the-art NLP techniques and extensive training data to build a highly accurate voice command interpreter.


Seamless Booking Integration

Integrating with various restaurant booking systems and databases for real-time availability was a challenge. We integrated with various booking systems, establishing secure API connections and data synchronization processes.


Fortifying Data Privacy

Maintaining data privacy and security while handling sensitive customer information and dining preferences was important. We implemented robust encryption protocols and adhered to stringent data protection standards.

Client Testimonal

Hey Buddy's AI development capability brought Servi to the world. Their expertise in AI, voice technology, and deep research of the food industry resulted in a path-breaking solution that combines convenience, personalization, and operational efficiency.

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