Hollywood Styled Semi-Realistic

3D Gaming Characters


About Project

Our client, a gaming publisher, is popular for multiple AAA and indie games. They needed a creative game development partner to design characters for their latest Hollywood-styled game. 8 characters were needed with hair particles and 4K resolution. The potential partner must have a competent team that can meticulously sculpt each singer’s facial features with the highest accuracy. After a one-to-one meeting, Hey Buddy was selected as the creative partner to bring these characters into 3D life. We extensively used Blender and ZBrush to capture the signature looks of each singer and design them individually.

Hollywood Styled Semi-Realistic 3D Gaming Characters

Our client, a popular gaming publisher with multiple AAA and indie games needed a creative game development partner to design characters. They needed Hollywood-styled characters with meticulous detail for 4K resolution.

We extensively used Blender and ZBrush to capture the signature looks of each singer and design them individually


The Tale of Conceptualization, Sculpting, and Recreation of Singer Models


Project Requirements

Designing eight digital starts in 4K regulation and accuracy was a major challenge for our team. We dedicated our time and precision to capturing every facial detail of each character. Blender was heavily used to define iconic hairstyles with complex hair particles.


Project Execution

Our team understood the client's unique requirements and struck the perfect balance between artistic expression and technical proficiency. We brought iconic hairstyles to life with complex hair creation in Blender. Each strand was individually placed and stylized for authenticity.


Project Delivery

The perfect blend of artistic expression and technical proficiency led to the creation of eight digital stars in full 4K glory. Our development process demonstrates the perfect integration of hair modeling, advanced sculpting, and clothing design techniques to provide a highly detailed gaming experience.


The Client’s Unique Creative Vision in Achieving High-Quality 4K Characters

We developed semi-realistic characters of popular Hollywood singers. Our designers recreated every wrinkle, mole, and freckle with the highest accuracy. Blender, ZBrush, and Marvelous Designer ensure their clothes are draped and moved realistically.

    • The game features 8 semi-realistic Hollywood singers with signature looks and unique hairstyles.
    • Each hairstyle has a unique flow, textures, and even imperfections.
    • Marvel Designer was used to provide fashion clothing for each character’s wardrobe.


Months of Creative Collaboration


High Resolution Characters Rendering


Saves in Designing


Delivery Within the Timeline

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How Did We Do it?

  • Requirement Gathering

    We Gathered specific requirements and intricacies of the detailed features of the characters.

  • Ideation

    Brainstorming sessions, considering unique features of each singer, and finalizing aesthetics.

  • Designing

    Meticulous use of Blender and ZBrush for sculpting facial features and hairstyles.

  • Development

    Use of Marvelous Designer to create authentic and accurate clothing for characters.

  • Deployment

    Stringent testing to ensure characters meet realism and functionality goals in 4K glory.

Hey B

Project Challenges


Ensuring Facial Accuracy

We had the major challenge of reaching the facial accuracy of the characters as it was beyond simple modeling. We had to replicate the unique variations in expression lines, skin texture, and other characteristics. The characters must be virtually accurate and emotively resonant.


Building 4K Characters

Another hurdle was achieving high-quality 4K resolution to render details at a pixel-dense level. It increased the challenge regarding the technical capacity of the software and hardware used in the rendering process. The resource-intensive process had a major impact on rendering time, storage capacity, and overall system performance.


Implementing Iconic Looks

It was hard to ensure the perfect implementation of digital characters according to the iconic signature look of each singer. We had to go beyond the basic facial features to capture the unique elements, such as various hairstyles, special facial expressions, and recognizable characteristics. It was vital to create digital counterparts of real singers.

Client Testimonal

It was necessary to collaborate with a creative team to bring our 3D characters to life. Hey Buddy’s team did a terrific job in achieving the highest level of detail in 4K resolution. The details in each character down to every wrinkle and freckle are truly remarkable. We appreciate the authenticity and commitment of the design team.

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