How Hey Buddy Designed AAA Artistic Characters for a

Korean Film Studio?


About Project

Our client, a well-known Korean film studio, is famous for its multiple animated and drama films. They required dynamic characters with AAA quality. They wanted them to be realistic and as per the decided theme for their upcoming short film. The potential partner must value their priority of storytelling and cutting-edge animation of their films. After an in-depth-market research, Hey Buddy emerged as the right choice. We took the creative task of designing and rigging 42 legendary warriors. Our designers prioritized texturing, clothing, rigging, and animation to make the characters appear ultra-realistic.

How Hey Buddy Designed AAA Artistic Characters for a Korean Film Studio?

Our client, a well-known Korean film studio, known for its animated and drama films, required dynamic characters with AAA quality. They wanted them as per the decided theme of their upcoming short film.

We developed 42 legendary warriors with the right texture, clothing, rigging, and animation to make the characters appear ultra-realistic.


Joining Hands for Designing, Rigging, and Innovating Life-Like 3D Characters


Project Requirements

Combining realistic detail and the thematic requirements was the primary challenge of this project. We started the project with a collaborative kickoff to understand the vision of our client for its upcoming short film. The client asked us to put heavy emphasis on quality and and time adjustment, if required.


Project Execution

We had to deploy various rendering techniques to produce high-quality visual outputs with 3D artistry and a village environment. Effective communication was necessary to meet the artistic vision of the film studio. We used industry-standard software, including ZBrush, Blender, Marvelous Designer, Substance Painter, and 3ds Max to create these animated characters.


Project Delivery

It was challenging to ensure the animation aligned with the narrative and emotional setting of the film. However, our team made the job possible with the help of their experience and cutting-edge skills.


The Client’s Requirements Were Transformed into 3D Realities

The collaborative effort between Hey Buddy and the Korean film studio resulted in the realization of 42 unique, realistic, and dynamic warrior legends. We perfectly demonstrated the swords, attire, environments, and other assets with detail to reflect the historical and cultural context.

    • Each character highlights distinctive features.
    • The styling of the characters contributes to a more meaningful and immersive storytelling experience.
    • The characters offer seamless movements after the rigging work.




Unique and realistic 3D characters


dedicated hours in rigging work.


hours saved from the development timeline.

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How Did We Do it?

We sat with our clients to refine their idea of 42 unique warrior legends with a creative blend of realistic detail. It required intensive rigging, animation, and texturing to create unique characters with lifelike movements.

  • Requirement Gathering

    Our team started with an in-depth exploration of the project’s requirements and close collaboration.

  • Ideation

    Creative ideation began by conceptualizing each unique character and team discussions.

  • Designing

    We used ZBrush, Blender, and Marvelous Designer to translate our ideas into tangible assets.

  • Development

    We textured and rigged each character with Blender, 3ds Max, and Substance Painter.

  • Deployment

    Strict quality assurance checks were necessary to ensure the smoothest final delivery of characters.

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Project Challenges


Ancient Korean Cultural Understanding

The creation of 42 characters in the ancient Korean village required a deep cultural understanding of the country. We hired a Korean historian to help our team understand the culture such as dress, appearance, lifestyle, and all the other aspects. Along with that, it was necessary to make each character visually appealing, and coherent with the village setting. Taking regular feedback from the client was also required to ensure quality.


Vast Technical Complexity

We needed to work on meticulous detail leaving no room for errors and mistakes. Thus, q high level of expertise and skills were necessary for the 3D modeling, texturing, animation, and rigging process. It took a lot of work to maintain consistency across all the characters and environmental details.


Timeline Pressure

The client gave us a timeline of 6 months to complete the characters. However, the complexity and detailed design of the project created time pressure on time. It was all about creating a balance between digital perfection and project timeliness. We implemented an agile project management approach to ensure the timeliness of the project.

Client Testimonal

It was a delightful experience to let Hey Buddy design the characters of our short film. Their commitment to delivering the best was visible by going out of the way to ensure cultural authenticity in our characters. They delivered the best. The rigging is of high quality and the characters they designed realistically. Their 3D modeling expertise and great client support are highly commendable. I think we are going to work with Hey Buddy again in our future projects.

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